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Dr. Aaron Kiefer

NUCCA Chiropractor in Wapakoneta 
Dr. Aaron Kiefer

“My father believed that the body has amazing self-healing powers and that you don’t need drugs and medication. And, he couldn’t have been more right.”

“Now I’m passionate about chiropractic, especially NUCCA, and I know the great and lasting benefits it can bring. I’d love to show you first-hand how incredible you can feel.”

A Natural Health Philosophy

“I was a cross-country senior athlete in high school when I first went to a chiropractor. She got me back to being able to run, and do what I enjoyed doing. I realized then that the philosophy of chiropractic meshed perfectly with the natural healing philosophy that I had been brought up on.”

Later Dr. Kiefer began to see another chiropractor, Dr. Scott Jutte, who provided care to athletes. “His passion and love for chiropractic had a huge impact on me and I wanted to do something that would make me as happy and excited about work as he appeared.”

Chiropractic Care Chose Me

Dr. Kiefer surprised his family by his decision to become a chiropractor. “As soon as I made the decision I felt a sense of calmness. Becoming a chiropractor wasn’t part of my childhood plan, but I realized that this was the role for me.”

Discovering NUCCA At Palmer College

In the first couple of Dr. Kiefer’s classes at Palmer, a classmate who was passionate about NUCCA literally commandeered the microphone and took over the professor’s class. “I was completely taken aback. Until then I had never heard of NUCCA or the specific benefits of upper cervical adjustments.”

“That day he planted the seed in our minds and many of my classmates ultimately went on to specialize in NUCCA. I’m so glad I did.”

Loving Work and the Biking Commute

“I’m passionate about chiropractic and I love to see the benefit it brings to people.”

Dr. Kiefer is also known for biking to work each day. “I bike whether it’s 95° or -30°. No matter what the weather outside, it’s peaceful and happy inside our office because we help people feel better.”

“The preacher must live his own sermon.”

Dr. Kiefer applies this quote that he learned in college. He eats healthy and lives an active lifestyle so he can relate to you. “I’d never give you a recommendation that I’m not willing to do, or haven’t already done myself.”

“When you decide to visit, I’ll share my experiences as well as the experiences of other office members and explain how to overcome the challenges that present themselves. It’s also important to value your body and avoid unhealthy habits that strain your health.”


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