Atlas Adjustments, Yoga, and Vertigo: Things You Should Know

Do you like joining yoga sessions to improve your balance, flexibility, and strength? Have you heard of its benefits on the vestibular organs (organs of balance)? Have you been looking for an effective natural remedy for your recurring spinning sensations? You’ve come to the right place. Having constant bouts of vertigo can be quite concerning, […]

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Dealing with Transient Aphasia a Migraine Chiropractor in Wapakoneta

Are you familiar with transient aphasia? It turns out that it’s one of the worst symptoms of migraineurs. Transient aphasia is an aura symptom that can affect your reading and comprehension skills, making it even more challenging to get by. To formulate the best care plan for migraine and transient aphasia patients, you may need […]

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Stretch Your Way to a Pain-Free Back

As your partner in natural health, we know that back pain can be debilitating and impact your quality of life. That’s why we’ve put together a list of stretches that can help alleviate your pain from the comfort of your own home. These stretches are easy to perform and may help relieve tension in the […]

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Small Steps, Big Changes: How to Build Healthy Habits That Stick

We know that building healthy habits can be challenging-but it’s also something that’s essential for long-term health and well-being. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, exercise more, or reduce stress, building healthy habits takes time, effort, and commitment. But don’t worry, there’s good news: It is entirely possible and well worth the effort. Before you […]

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The Connection Between Spinal Alignment and Mood

Many people are aware of the benefits of exercise, nutrition, and stress management for maintaining good mental health. But have you ever considered how spinal alignment may also be a crucial part of the puzzle? As your chiropractor, we’re trained to diagnose and care for conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system, including the spine. By […]

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Tips for Improving Foot Pain

Whether it’s a sharp pain, dull ache, or burning sensation, foot pain can make it hard to walk, stand, or even sleep. If you’re experiencing foot pain, it’s important to understand the causes and take steps to improve it. As something we see in the practice every day, we wanted to share a bit more […]

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